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"Countdown to Kindergarten" spotlights the importance of early learning activities and family involvement in education while also providing residents with a range of entertaining programs. Thanks to the joint efforts of local organizations, children registered to start kindergarten in August have a summer full of free and low-cost activities to help them get ready for their first day of school.

Kindergarten Registration

This late-summer informal orientation gets children and families into the school spirit! Parents can fill out paperwork, tour the school and meet other families and a few teachers. Meanwhile, school staff will screen children to assess their readiness for kindergarten. Don't panic if your child cannot do everything on the list. Simply start to introduce the new skills by embedding them throughout your daily routines -- counting bananas at the grocery store and finding words around the house that begin with certain letters. Remember, it's also important to work on your child's following directions, listening and getting along with others.

Please bring the following to registration:

  • Child's birth certificate or other reliable proof of identity (see below*)
  • Two proofs of residence, such as a property deed or current lease agreement in your name and a secondary document such as a current utility bill or a current tax bill or receipt
  • Proof of child's recent preventative health care exam **
  • Up-to-date Kentucky immunization certificate **
  • Proof of an eye exam (due by Jan. 1, 2017)
  • Proof of a dental exam (due by Jan. 1, 2017)
  • Court documents pertaining to your child, if applicable

** You may register without these two documents, but your child may not attend school until they are on file with FCPS.

* Proof of identity & birth date

A legal copy of the child's birth certificate or anothe

r official document proving the child's identity and date of birth is required for school registration. These are acceptable alternatives:

  • Student's valid passport or other federal government identification;
  • Custody decree or court order of dissolution of marriage of the student's parents, identifying the child by name and date of birth;
  • Student's valid Kentucky driver's license or permit (if 16 or older);
  • Prior school records (other than FCPS) identifying student by name and date of birth; or
  • "At this time, I am unable to provide the school with one of the acceptable forms of proof listed above. I understand that this constitutes written notice that Kentucky state law requires that I provide the certified birth certificate or one of the above-listed items to the school within 30 days of student enrollment. If I fail to do so, I understand that I will be reported to local law enforcement or the Kentucky State Police for investigation."

You can get a birth-certificate application from the assigned school or from the Fayette County Health Department, 650 Newtown Pike; call (859) 252-2371.

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MiX -It Up DaY!!

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Like a lot of students, children at Yates Elementary tend to sit with close friends at lunch. But on Mix It Up Day, they shifted out of that comfort zone to connect with new schoolmates – particularly those from different socioeconomic backgrounds, races, and cultures. The aim was to rebuff misconceptions and to illustrate tolerance and acceptance at a level the fourth- and fifth-graders could easily grasp. “It is a simple act with a profound implication. Interactions across ‘lines of difference’ can help reduce prejudice,” said PGES coach Katina Brown, who organized the cafeteria activities.