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Youngsters at Yates Elementary are learning that everyone is unique and that differences need not divide them. And during Autism Awareness Month, students with special needs have taken the lead to show how classmates all fit together.

Jenny Lee, who teaches third, fourth, and fifth-graders, had the idea to transform 1-inch jigsaw puzzle pieces into snazzy lapel pins in a fundraiser for the Autism Society of the Bluegrass. After her students paint each piece blue, red, yellow, or green, Lee adds glitter and shine, and glues a small safety pin on the back. The individual pieces sell for 50 cents, though Lee has received many orders for a $2 four-piece pin featuring each color.

“My students are eager to give back to their community. It gets them involved in doing for other people,” Lee said as they closed out the first week having raised $139 toward their $500 goal.

The multifaceted project also enables the youngsters to practice various skills. For example, if a staffer requests six blue and five yellow pieces, the children will do the math and total the order, sort their products, and deliver the pins. They also write a thank-you card for every customer. “We’re trying to tie in a lot of concepts into this one project,” Lee noted.

The students in her social skills class can also practice working together as they complete real-life tasks such as cleaning the paint brushes after each session. “They are taking charge of the whole classroom and learning so much,” she said.

The service project has sparked interest throughout the Yates community, especially among the younger students and those who are unfamiliar with autism spectrum disorder.

“What has been so cool is that so many kids have come up and asked about my pin, so it’s started a lot of conversations,” said Tracy DeSpain, who teaches students with moderate and severe disabilities. “My hope is it gets kids talking because it’s OK to ask questions and be curious.”

Lee had prepped her students with short lessons and videos on autism so they’d better understand the cause behind their pin project. “A lot of my kids had no idea of what autism is,” she said.

For instance, some youngsters thought autism was a disease they could catch. They also didn’t know that friends at Yates are affected. But when a video showed a child covering her ears, the students made the connection to a classmate who wears noise-blocking headphones.

“It brought up a lot of good conversations for the kids. We always talk about how everyone’s different but we can always find the commonality between us,” Lee said. “We’re all different pieces of a puzzle fitting together.”



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The first registration window for the 2017-18 academic year in Fayette County Public Schools runs Feb. 7-23 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays, plus 5 to 7 p.m. on Feb. 16. (If schools are closed because of bad weather, then registration is canceled.) Per state regulations, any child who turns 5 on or before Aug. 1 may start kindergarten this fall, and Kentucky law requires youth between 6 and 18 years old to attend school. Please take note of this state change to the cut-off date for kindergarten.
To enroll a kindergartener or other first-time student, families should go to the school their neighborhood is assigned to and complete a registration packet. To determine which school, use the SchoolSite Locator tool. For a list of required paperwork and health forms, visit www.fcps.net/registration.
  • Families with kindergarteners may begin their registration online; visit www.fcps.net/kinder for instructions.
The second district wide sign-up window is 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays April 11-27, plus 5 to 7 p.m. on April 18. Registration continues June 6-7 and from July 25 through Aug. 16, the first day of school.
For registration questions, please call the Pupil Personnel office at (859) 381-4130. For resources to help kindergarteners transition to school, call the Early Childhood office at (859) 381-4307.
Also, note that applications for next year's Fayette County Preschool Program will be accepted beginning in late April. Families may apply if their child turns 4 on or before Aug. 1 and is income-eligible. Three- and 4-year-olds who have a diagnosed special need may also qualify. Call (859) 381-4105 for details.
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MiX -It Up DaY 2015-2016!!

Like a lot of students, children at Yates Elementary tend to sit with close friends at lunch. But on Mix It Up Day, they shifted out of that comfort zone to connect with new schoolmates – particularly those from different socioeconomic backgrounds, races, and cultures. The aim was to rebuff misconceptions and to illustrate tolerance and acceptance at a level the fourth- and fifth-graders could easily grasp. “It is a simple act with a profound implication. Interactions across ‘lines of difference’ can help reduce prejudice,” said PGES coach Katina Brown, who organized the cafeteria activities.